Commercial Cleaning
Cleanliness is the key to success!
The hallmark of any and all modern facilities are clean and well maintained. How clean the office is, to a large extent depends not only on the mood and feeling, but also the efficiency and productivity of our staff. Maintaining cleanliness in different rooms, be it an office or showroom, manufacturing facility or warehouse, is caused not only a necessity, but the ever increasing sanitary requirements. In addition to removing dirt, cleaning services is used to prevent the spread of disease-causing bacterias. Our cleaning company offer cleaning services where professional office cleaning taking first place.
Maintaining cleanliness in different rooms are due to necessity. To date, cleaning the entire area is a science that includes rules for the care of all the variety of expensive surfaces occurring in your office; for example - Venetian plaster, marble, granite, cork etc. Working with these surfaces requires a high level of technological knowledge. Room cleaning is done by our professional cleaning company - and is rated on a different level of cleanliness and hygiene. We understand your concerns and deliver great results. Our cleaning company is effective in chemistry, reliable technology and professional service. That's why when cleaning offices we use only the best cleaning products and equipment. Cleaning services are done by true professionals that will lift your spirits! High quality of cleaning services, skilled personnels and affordable price will make cleaning easier for you and will save you time and effort.
General Cleaning

General cleaning - is carefully established by the condition of the house or appartment. General house cleaning - "home emergency assistance" at a reasonable price. General cleaning can not impose a host of routine household chores, but can ideally support the premise of maintaining cleanliness after general cleaning. The recommended standard cleaning is approximately 1 day a week.

The service "general cleaning" from "United Building Maintenance- includes the following quality of work:

removal of dust from any horizontal surfaces, furniture, electrical appliances and lighting

cleaning of mirrors


floor cleaning

taking out the trash

bathroom cleaning

kitchen cleaning

microwave cleaning

cleaning ovens or refrigerators

walls cleaning

dry cleaning floors

Deep Cleaning
Deep cleaning - is the cleaning of the entire house from top to bottom. Ordering this service implies that the customer will get a high quality cleaning service, which influences all aspects of the rooms, areas, and angles of the house. The service aims to maximize customer convenience and satisfaction!
More cleaning services
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