United Building Maintenance, servicing all of NW Arkansas and Tulsa Oklahoma.


      Commerical cleaning takes a lot of time and effort. Cleaning service is needed for every home, office, and any place where we spend time. With a responsible use of services of our cleaning company, cleaning will be faster and easier. United Building Maintenance has established itself as a successfull and professional cleaning business partners that provides a wide range of cleaning services. United Building Maintenace - cleaning company provides quality cleaning services in NW Arkansas  and surroundings areas. United Building Maintenance do cleaning for both industrial and office space cleaning. At work, our company uses professional cleaning equipment and certified detergents. Packages are generated individually for each client. Our cleaning techs are great at cleaning and get the job done right the first time. United Building Maintenance - solves a wide range of cleaning tasks in the field of professional cleaning. Our cleaning is fast and efficient. Our cleaning price is affordable and cleaning quality is guaranteed. United Building Maintenance - is a company that works in order for you to spend less time on your commercial cleaning needs United Building Maintenance - We work for your comfort.


Benefits of working with a cleaning company "United Building Maintenance":

  • High mobility and flexibility of a cleaning company that can provide a comprehensive solution to all cleaning problems at any time of the Customer.
  • Application in the special cleaning equipment and tools, as well as professional cleaners best suited for different types of surfaces and harvested prolonging their life.
  • With the help of special tools, removing visible and stubborn dirt, creating a high level of aesthetic premises, maintain the company's prestige and respectability.
  • Eliminating unhealthy personnel factors (dust pollution, bacteria, viruses, mold and fungi, allergens, insects).
  • Promptly and punctually - we appreciate Your time.
  • Quality - it is important for us to know that you are pleased with our cleaning service.
  • Responsibility - we value our reputation among customers.
  • Affordable price - our cleaning service will fit in your budget.


    United Building MAintenance - it's professional staff, each of whom has extensive experience and impeccable credentials. We are very responsible approach to the selection of staff and their training, making sure that our customers receive only the best cleaning service possible. If you have allergies do to chemicals, we can clean without the use of cleaning chemicals, we can "GREEN" clean your business or office. Our company offers a wide range of cleaning services. Because of this, our company now has deserved the trust many customers, and most of them are our regular customers. Sure, please contact us and you will also be able to appreciate the high level of the cleaning service we offered.



     United Building Maintenance – we do the work – you relax and take it easy. You get the best job in town, at rates you can afford. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed! We do:


  • General cleaning     
  •  General cleaning based on the principle of the window to the door, from ceiling to the floor. Cleaning path and the list of works vary depending on the Customer request.The order provides for the general cleaning works for a convenient time for You! The company United Building Maintenance has been on the market for several years, gaining the reputation of a reliable and trusted cleaning assistant. We carry a comprehensive general cleaning of Industrial offices, Commercial office buildings in NW Arkansas. General cleaning should be done fairly regularly, because dust and dirt accumulated in crevices causes allergy, aggravates asthma and promotes odor in the offices.


  • Deep cleaning
  •  Deep cleaning of the any office  - this process is quite labor intensive and time-consuming. Deep cleaning the office cleaning - not an easy task, requiring a lot of effort and time. Not surprisingly, for it's performance, many peoples have sought to attract professionals who not only perform cleaning quickly and efficiently, but also using professional cleaning equipment and special tools to save time. Professional office cleaning - one of the most popular cleaning services.

          We do commercial cleaning services through out NW Arkansas.


  • Cleaning services are available weekly, every other week.